Webinar Session: “The path to the US: is it worthwhile? How to tread it?

March 24, 2020, 18:00 CET

The attraction of Silicon Valley for European entrepreneurs, the scarce interest of US VCs for Europe and the weakness of European financial markets create the temptation for European tech companies to turn themselves into US companies so as to have access to the US investors and list themselves on American markets, where more cash is available, and valuations are more favorable.

Which are the conditions that can make this the right choice to transform a European tech into a global leader ?

By Olivier Edwards, Lawyer in Orrick’s Paris office in the Technology Companies Group. Throughout his vast career, he helped emerging companies and venture capital funds on investment, merger & acquisition matters with an emphasis on cross-border deals. He worked with eBay, SoftBank, Accel Ventures, Sofinnova, Biom’Up, Eyetechcare, Aledia, Partech and other key players in the tech market. He is a co-founder of CroissancePlus and PME Finance/Europe Entrepreneurs, two non-profit organizations dedicated to fast-growth companies.

Webinar Session: “Alternative Venture Funding

March 19, 2020, 18:00 CET



Will secure tokens be of help during the Covid-19 crisis ? Led by UK chartered director Keith Cornell, the webinar aims to explore new alternative venture funding that is just starting to become available, such as crypto asset platforms. In addition, Keith will discuss some practical business ideas to extend your runway in the hard times to come.

Webinar led by:


Webinar Session: “The role of listed markets for technology companies

March 10, 2020, 18:00 CET

The complimentary webinar covered IPO conditions in the UK market, changes in the funding landscape, and how to ensure your position and strategy are accurately communicated to investors pre-IPO, the changing equity research market and the growing role of issuer sponsored research, as well as understanding how investors are consuming content. An essential event if you contemplated an IPO or have portfolio companies with the potential to go public.

The webinar is based on the workshop ‘The role of listed markets for technology companies’ hosted by Edison Group in January 2020 led by:

  • Neil Shah, Director, European Technology Equity Capital Markets at Stifel
  • Neil Shah, Director of Research at Edison Group

Webinar Session:Advantages and disadvantages of stock markets for European tech companies: Valuation strategies of various companies

March 4, 2020, 18:00 CET

TCM_Webinar_Advantages and disadvantages of stock markets for European tech companies

Led by Jean Rognetta, president of Europe Entrepreneurs and editor at large, Forbes France.

A consensus of Tech entrepreneurs is that their valuation is half what they could enjoy under LBO and a third of their rivals listed on American markets.

·       Is this consensus correct?

·       What are the root causes of European Tech undervaluation?

·       What are the consequences of this undervaluation?

·       How do successful companies overcome it?

Technical and strategic means will be detailed and weighed for their efficiency, such as:

·       liquidity contracts, whose reach has been expanded last year to all European stock markets,

·       sponsored research, a consequence of a European directive,

·       foreign road-shows, particularly in the US,

·       aiming for Ebit vs growth.

The webinar is based on detailed interviews with CEOs and CFOs of tech companies listed on Euronext.


Webinar Session: “Main Findings and Recommendations”

March 2, 2020, 18:15 CET

TCM_Webinar_Main findings and recommendations

Led by Julia Prats, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Lead for IESE Business School and Chair of TCM High Level Advisory Group.

The webinar aims to present the main findings and recommendations of TechCapMarkets Report which is going to be first discussed on the TechCapMarkets Final Summit on March 27, 2020 in Paris.


Webinar Session: “The road to the stock market for start-ups and SMEs. Benefits, requirements and successful stories”

February 6, 2020, 18:00 CET

TCM_Webinar_The road to the stock market for start-ups and SMEs. Benefits, requirements and successful stories

Led by Valentin Brotons Borrell, Capital Market Consultant at Grupo BME.

The webinar aims to present the MaB, Alternative Equity Market and EpM, Pre-Market Environment as a best practice in Europe and opportunity for SMEs looking to expand, identify the requirements and elements to be considered by the entrepreneurs in the IPO process, and describe the main benefits of being listed. The webinar is based on the conference ‘The road to the stock market for start-ups and SMEs: benefits, requirements and successful stories’ hosted by IESE Business in November 2019. Speakers of the conference Jesús Gonzales Nieto-Márquez, Vice-President and Managing Director MaB, Álvaro Castro Martínez, MaB counselor and manager of the Pre-Market Environment, Miguel Angel Bonachera, Founder and CEO AB-Biotics, and Josep Maria Echarri, Partner Inveready.


Webinar Invitation: “From Active Venture Capital Investor to Long-Term Shareholder”

December 11, 2019, 18:00 CET

TCM_Webinar_From Active Investor to Long Term Shareholder

Led by Fiorangelo Salvatorelli, Partner, Fusion Global Capital that will:

  • Present new analysis showing the opportunities for venture backed companies to list on European markets
  • Analyse the European and US IPO cycles, giving insights into optimal holding periods post IPO
  • Identify the most suitable sectors for European listing
  • Provide insight into the mind set of public market investors and how they can develop relationship with venture backers

The webinar is based on a workshop led by Fiorangelo Salvatorelli at the International Venture Club’s annual conference – Smart Capital. It forms part of a wider project – TechCapMarkets – run by Tech Tour and funded by the European Union.