Our Mission

TechCapMarkets is a project, funded by the European Commission that aims to improve the supply of alternative finance, including venture capital & business angel investments, to tech companies by improving the exit opportunities for shareholders in privately held innovative SMEs and mid-caps.

Market experts will be consulted to provide recommendations to address market challenges and encourage the development, and adoption of new market based solutions.

A High Level Advisory Group, Chaired by Julia Prats, Professor of Entrepreneurship, IESE, acts as strategic counsel to the project partners.

The project partners are engaging with a wide range of market experts including:

  • Venture capital and other private market investors
  • Entrepreneurs and company founders
  • Stock market operators
  • Investment banks and advisers
  • Public market investors (institutional and retail)
  • National Promotional Banks including government backed investment vehicles

The final output will be a report, consolidating the input from the experts identifying market
challenges and recommendations to overcome the challenges.

Tech Capital Markets Project Overview