TechCapMarkets is a European consortium whose purpose is to create a knowledge base and explore new ways to help innovative SMEs access capital and secure their growth. It is the product of a consortium composed of the consultancy Europe Unlimited (Brussels), the IESE Business School (University of Navarra) and the French association PMEfinance(Paris), and is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 initiative.
Market experts interviewed represent: venture capital and other private market investors; entrepreneurs/company owners; stock market operators; investment banks and advisers; institutional investors; retail investors; National Promotional Banks.
TechCapMarkets aims in particular to improve the supply of alternative finance, including venture capital & angel investments by improving the exit opportunities for shareholders in privately held innovative SMEs. Market experts are consulted to provide recommendations to address market challenges and encourage the development, and adoption of new market based solutions. Our communications and disseminations activities will promote the identified best practices and success stories to create awareness on the potential and challenges of capital.

TechCapMarkets has two main outputs: 
A report, based on expert practitioner interviews, containing recommendations to policy makers and stock market operators across Europe ; A practical capacity building programme to deliver best practice knowledge to tech companies and their investors on the use of public and private market places for raising capital. 
The project runs in four phases: 
Phase I:
– Preparation of evidence based report to act as a knowledge base for Expert Working Groups 
– Preparation of framework, questions and report template for expert input 
– Convening of High Level Group 
– Coordination with stakeholder groups such as industry associations and HLAG to identify Experts 
Phase II:
– Final sign off on evidence base by High-Level Advisory Groups 
– Final sign off on challenges and questions for Experts 
Phase III:
– Expert interviews 
– Production of report 
Phase IV:
– Communication of report recommendations 
– Capacity building programme via “how to” workshops and webinars on new and emerging finance methods such as private marketplaces and the use of cryptocurrencies